New Covid Variant- ERIS

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has now recovered.  Do you know the latest news about Coronavirus? WHO recently announced a new covid variant ERIS which is called ERIS.

A new covid variant has just been detected in India. We have had the Delta variant, The Omicron variant, and now a new virus is added to our Coronavirus family. ERIS. Its scientific name is EG.5.1 but it is commonly known as ERIS. This is subvariant of Omicron. Two additional spike mutations (Q52H, F456L) are observed in this new variant as compared to its parent strain. These mutations make this variant more contagious.

According to WHO, cases of ERIS are increasing in the US and UK. Only one case of the EG.5.1 variant was found in India in May 2023. It was first introduced in Pune. Should we worry about ERIS? let’s see.

Symptoms of New Covid Variant- ERIS

ERIS has inherent symptoms of omicron.

  • Cough- Whooping cough or expectoration
  • Runny nose, Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Throat pain, Sour throat
  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of sense of smell

Prevention from Infection-

To protect from ERIS apply all Coronavirus protocols as we already know (Covid Appropriate behaviour)

  • Wear a mask- If someone coughing in front of you masks will protect you.  wearing a mask is needed.
  • Wash your hands and maintain hygiene.
  • Social Distancing, Watch your distance i.e. 2 meter.
  • Increase Immunity power by taking a balanced diet, fruits, and antioxidant juices.
  • Mostly it has been found that only people with weak immunity and people with chronic diseases get infected quickly. So people above 65, pregnant women, children’s below 13 yrs be alert.
  • Vaccination. It is very important to take covid vaccine. Take both vaccines with a booster dose. in India 4 types of covid-19 vaccines are available i.e covishield, covaxin, Sputnic-V and iNCOVACC (Nasal Spray)

Although this is not a serious virus, but everyone should be careful.

WHO’s role in new variants spread-

  • WHO says the effectivity rate of ERIS may be higher than other variants but the risk of developing severe disease is low.
New Covid Variant- ERIS


However, some doctors believed that most people are reduced antibodies made from vaccination and previous infection so there may be chances of developing a new group of symptoms.


Q. Is it more contagious than the previous variant?

A. Yes. ERIS appears to be more contagious than previous variants.

Q. Is this time a need to panic about the new variant?

A. Experts say there is no need to panic. Doctors are studying coronavirus variants to find the best treatment to fight ERIS. The risk of mutations in variants remains constant.

Q. What is the scientific name of ERIS?

A. EG.5.1

Q. What is covid ERIS?

A. It is subvariant of Omicron. It is not so dangerous but may be more contagious.

Q. Where was the ERIS Covid variant patient first detected in India?

A. In India ERIS Covid variant patient was detected in Pune, Maharashtra.

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