Is Foot Swelling a Serious Problem?

Hey! Hello, friends welcome to Dr.SuleInfo-Hub today we will see a new topic “swelling over feet” called oedema of the legs. In this article, we will see causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and lifestyle management. If anyone has swelling over the feet, first we should take proper history. does a person febrile or not, the swelling came gradually or suddenly, painful or not person have any kidney disease, is he on any medication? Now we will see what exactly means oedema. swelling over the feet is the accumulation of fluid. that accumulation is around the knee and ankle swelling over the lower extremities.


  1. First check if is there any injury, fracture, or sprain, that may cause swelling around the localized area.
  2. If a person is in a standing or sitting position for a long time that may cause retention of fluid and swelling over feet occur.
  3. Why in pregnancy does swelling of feet occur? We often see many pregnant ladies have swelling over their lower extremities in the third trimester. This may happen due to hormonal changes and increased pressure on veins.
  5. Certain medicine causes oedema like blood pressure medicine-calcium channel blockers, NSAIDs like nimesulide, some steroid, some diabetic medicines, and an antidepressant may cause fluid retention and swelling.
  • It is a warning sign of kidney failure.
  • Heart failure. congestive heart failure.
  • Liver diseases like chronic hepatic failure.
  • Venous insufficiency like varicose veins.
  • Lymphoedema


  • Feeling warm feet.
  • Maybe redness occurs.
  • Puffiness or tightness of the affected area
Is Foot Swelling a Serious Problem?
Foot Swelling


A doctor will take the history properly. He may do some blood tests like CBC, Kidney Function Tests, Liver function tests, Lipid profile, x-ray for any injury, and USG/ Color Doppler for varicose veins. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause of foot swelling.


  • The doctor will give medicine to reduce fluid retention.
  • Elevating legs at the time of sleeping.
  • Take physical therapy to promote blood flow.
  • And treatment according to the underline cause of the particular disease.
  • Wearing compression garments to improve circulation.
  • Friends if you are overweight then maintain a normal weight to alleviate strain on ankles and feet.
  • Avoid salt intake. because excessive sodium intake has the potential to exacerbate fluid retention within the body.
  • Avoid sitting or standing positions for long periods. Take a break in between periods.
  • Do movements! regular physical movements/ activity improves blood circulation.
  • Apply ice packs or cold compress to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Give yourself a foot massage to upward stroke to promote circulation and reduce fluid retention.
Prevention is always better than cure, right? Follow these tips to keep swelling over feet at bay:
  • Do regular exercise, going jogging or only walking may be a good option
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long durations. Take breaks and move around.
  • Elevate your legs whenever possible to promote blood flow.
  • Choose comfortable shoes that provide adequate support for your feet
  • If any underlying medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or liver disease take treatment under medical supervision.

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