Dark Lips- How to lighten it?

Hello, friends welcome to the DrSuleInfoHub blog. Are you suffering from Dark Lips? Don’t you know how to lighten it? Are you embarrassed during communication due to darkened lips? Dark lips are hyperpigmented lips. Smooth, pink lips are often considered a symbol of health and vitality. However, many people struggle with the issue of it, which can be both embarrassing and concerning. This article will explore the causes, treatment options, and home remedies for darkening lips or black lips, helping you achieve those luscious, pink lips you’ve always desired.

dark lips
Dark lips

Causes of dark lips

  • Sun exposure-  It is an important cause of dark lips. People who are usually exposed to sunlight suffer from it.
  • Anaemia– Anaemia may cause lightened lips or dark lips. Some people’s body absorbs iron more than the required amount which may lead to dark skin or dark lips which is called Haemochromatosis.
  • Vitamin Deficiency- Some people may face vitamin B complex deficiency. So lips started to get black.
  • Pregnancy – During pregnancy, patients have tremendous changes due to hormonal imbalances in their body. Hormones increase melanin production which causes Hyperpigmentation of cheeks, and lips.
  • Smoking and tobacco- It is also one of the important causative factors. Smoking and using tobacco products not only harms your overall health but also contributes to darkening your lips. The chemicals in tobacco can stain your lips over time.
  • Medication– People who take regularly painkillers, and antibiotics like tetracycline and malaria medicines suffer from dark lips. Some medicines for cancer cause black lips.
  • Excessive Caffeine Intake- Consuming too much caffeine can dehydrate your body, leading to darkening of the lips. Coffee and tea enthusiasts should be mindful of their intake.
  • Dehydration- When your body is dehydrated, your lips can become dry and discoloured. Insufficient water intake can be a major factor in dark lips. In the winter season, people take insufficient water as a result lips may turn black.
  • Allergy-  There are some lipsticks that have chemicals inside them that can make them dark. Some people may face an allergy to lipstick.
  • Castor oil in lipstick- Some lipstick contain castor oil which may cause stain on lips.

Treatment for Dark Lips

  • Moisturiser- Apply moisturiser on lips regularly.
  • Topical Creams and Ointments Several over-the-counter creams and ointments are designed to lighten dark lips. These products typically contain natural ingredients like glycerin and almond oil. Some good lip-lightening creams you can try-
  • Chemical Peels Dermatologists can perform chemical peels to remove the top layer of skin on your lips, revealing fresh, pink skin underneath.
  • Laser Therapy Laser treatment can target and break down the melanin in your lips, gradually lightening their colour.
  • Lip Scrubs – to ligheten lips. you can try Coffee Lip Scrub which is available online. It removes pigmentation and brightens a smoker’s lips. You will apply it minimum for 3 months.
  • Lip Balms and Sunscreens Using lip balms with SPF and sunscreens can help protect your lips from further darkening due to sun exposure. You can try Biotique Fruit Whitening/Brightening Lip Balm which gives hydration to lips and removes pigmentation. It is available online and offline also.
  • Quit Smoking- Quitting smoking not only beneficial for lightening lips but also it is beneficial for overall health.
  • Avoid chewing the lips.
  • Drink sufficient water.
  • Can take supplements of the vitamin B complex for 2 months.
Dark lips
Home remedies for dark lips

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

  • Lemon and Honey A mixture of lemon juice and honey can be applied to your lips.
  • Rose Petals and Milk Crushed rose petals mixed with milk create a soothing lip mask that can lighten dark lips with regular use.
  • Beetroot Balm Beetroot contains natural pigments that can help restore the pink colour of your lips. Apply beetroot juice or balm daily or Herbal beetroot lip balm available in the market for dry, damaged and chopped lips.
  • Aloe Vera Gel Aloe vera has healing properties that can alleviate lip darkness and keep them soft and supple.
  • Almond Oil Massage Massaging your lips with almond oil can improve blood circulation and gradually lighten their colour.
  • Balanced diet- Take a balanced diet. take fresh fruits. Take antioxidant-rich fruits and juices.
  • Don’t wet your lips frequently with your tongue.


Dark lips can be a common concern, but they are not impossible to treat. Whether you choose professional treatments or opt for natural remedies, consistency is key to achieving the desired results. Remember to protect your lips from the sun and make necessary lifestyle changes for long-lasting pink and healthy lips.


Q. How to save lips from darkening?

A. Don’t wet your lips frequently with your tongue.

Avoid chewing the lips.

Drink sufficient water.

Can take supplements of the vitamin B complex.

Quit Smoking.

Q. Are dark lips reversible?

A. Yes, with the right treatments and care, dark lips can be reversed.

Q.  How long does it take for home remedies to work?

A. Home remedies may take several weeks to show significant results. Patience is important.

Q. Are there any side effects of chemical peels for lips?

A. Minor redness and peeling may occur after a chemical peel, but these are temporary.

Q.  Can genetics play a role in dark lips?

A. Yes, genetics can influence lip colour, but lifestyle factors also contribute significantly.

Q. Which deficiency causes dark lips?

A. Usually Iron deficiency and vitamin B complex deficiency may cause Darken lips.

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